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Light the Flames

Firebrand is go! I was hoping to hold off the official launch until it had made it to Amazon in paperback, but the wheels of Amazon are grinding slowly, so for the time being if you want a paperback you … Continue reading

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Firebrand progress

I’m waiting on the second set of proofs for Firebrand‘s print version at present: there were a couple of issues with the cover and some last-minute errors to fix with the text (thanks for catching those, Lucy and Cas!) so … Continue reading

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Firebrand is coming in November!

Firebrand: An industrial fantasy romance inspired by Charlotte Bronte’s Angria novelettes, featuring castles with dungeons, border fortresses without dungeons, kidnappings, masquerades, railway stranglers, duels with sword and pistol, airships, the opera, shady business practices, love, sex, danger and a mechanical … Continue reading

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Guest blog upcoming

This week I will be guestblogging over at the lovely Madame Guillotine‘s gaff about historical nonfiction, which is pretty much the love of my reading life. If you recommend me a biography of a city or a historical woman or, … Continue reading

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Firebrand cover art sneak preview

Today I bought stock art for the Firebrand cover and started messing around with it. Here’s a sneak preview: Yes, it’s a headless woman, but since the book actually does involve the heroine complaining at one point that getting skirts … Continue reading

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Failing to build a coherent brand

So, Firebrand is off with Team Beta and out of my headspace for the time being. Heavy Ice is still mired in the mud of ‘Why didn’t I realise two years ago that this needed a lot more worldbuilding and … Continue reading

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Things I Already Know People Won’t Like About Firebrand

About half-way through the first round of edits on Firebrand, and then the Beta Crew can take delivery of it and I’ll kick it out of my head until it comes back red-pencilled. As is usual at this stage, I’m … Continue reading

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