Fifty Shades Of Grey

I’m reading Fifty Shades Of Grey. It’s very weird. It’s basically all about how being into BDSM is just like being a vampire. It’s not a metaphor I’m immediately hostile to, because in my experience if your partner is into any kind of hobby or scene and in particular if that scene could possibly be […]

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The Distant Hours

I posted a while back about how much I was looking forward to reading Kate Morton’s The Distant Hours, so I thought that now I’d acquired a copy and read it I should probably review it. 🙂 Short version: this book is beautifully constructed and well written, with a central mystery that keeps its grip […]

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Britain After Rome

I am reading Robin Fleming’s Britain after Rome: The Fall and Rise, 400 – 1070 and really enjoying it. Part of this is because it’s full of descriptions of clothing. But most of it is that I am hugely attracted to reading about cobbled-together, makeshift societies, and to the details of trade webs and burial […]

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