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According to Amazon, people who bought The Maker’s Mask also bought Cranford. Which I suspect is small-sample bias rather than both books appealing to fans of formidable elderly ladies, but I’m honoured to find myself in such company anyway.

Also, Dame Eileen Atkins would make a wonderful Malabranca Prime.

6 thoughts on “Quick post

    1. Amazon obviously thinks of you as a trend leader!

      One of the things I’m surprised Amazon hasn’t used much as a selling point for the Kindle is the way that you can read classics on the thing without giving yourself wrist-ache. My print copy of Cranford is one of those thin wartime hardbacks, but I’m glad to have the Kindle for Vanity Fair.

      1. I am still astounded that there isn’t a Kindle edition of ‘A Suitable Boy’ – which I want to reread, but can’t, because my two main reading times are the child’s bedtime and on the bus to work, and my paperback limit is about 800 pages.

        1. I was trying to explain to a friend who’d just bought an e-book reader recently that there is this weird thing that I think of as the Kindle Gap – in that you’re pretty sure of being able to get an ebook copy of anything published in the last three or four years, and you can find the most amazing things on Gutenberg, but all bets are off when it comes to anything in between. There are all kinds of books from the 90s and early 00s that you’d think would obviously be available in ebook editions that just aren’t. It’s baffling.

  1. Oh, that would be fabulous casting! She was one of my favourite characters in Cranford, it was never quite the same after she died.

    1. I only saw the first series, but I thought she was brilliant in it.

      I’m now trying to think who my ideal casting would be for Imeni. Probably Dame Diana Rigg.

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