It’s twins!

Decision made! The Digital Doorstop is going to be two books.

Unexpected benefit: I can now say I’ve written two novels!

Unexpected downside: I have to do two covers and two cover blurbs.

Coming soon, an excerpt from the first book.

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5 Responses to It’s twins!

  1. *bounces with badly suppressed excitement*

  2. ankaretwells says:

    It’ll probably be part of the first chapter, which I’m still not wholly happy with, but then I’m never happy with first chapters – the first chapter of the book about roleplayers that never saw the light of day had been rewritten so many times it made me cringe to look at it.

    Shall I add you to my blogroll or is your blog just a placeholder?

    • I like the first chapter. How different is it from the last one I saw?

      It’s currently a placeholder, until I get something finished. I am Inspired on a short story though, so who knows?

      • ankaretwells says:

        I don’t think a lot’s changed, except that it’s a bit tighter – I wanted it to start with a bang, so there’s less of Tzenni interacting with the trade town outside Shainault’s gates before she gets inside and meets Innes and ends up on the run from the guard.

        Also, I need to do one final adjective extraction run. 🙂

      • ankaretwells says:

        And also, yay for the inspired short story!

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