Books, mine and others

I write historical novels set in time periods that haven’t happened yet, featuring courtesans, programmers, revolutionaries, genderqueer bodyguards, technological tinkerers, assassins and eels. My books are more heirs to the old-fashioned planetary romance than they are to either hard SF (because if I had the brains to design a spacedrive I’d be doing that rather than writing novels) or quest fantasy (because I run D&D for fun, and that means I’ve already played tour guide to far too many quests).

At present I’m preparing my first book (or possibly books: it depends on whether I break Lulu’s page limit) for self-publication, and working on another book set in the same world two hundred and fifty years later. All of which would be a lot easier if I hadn’t just changed to a new PC and discovered that my family tree software, GeneWeb, is refusing to import databases. (The new PC is also mysteriously refusing to play any of the music I bought in Japan, but other than that it’s working fine)

I wouldn’t have had the courage to do any of this at all if it wasn’t for Mélanie of Madame Guillotine, who told me all about her experiences selling her books on Lulu and setting up a blog. So here is a link to her books: The Secret Diary Of A Princess and Blood Sisters.

2 thoughts on “Books, mine and others

  1. Aw, thank you!

    Good luck with it all and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help! I probably didn’t make all that much sense the other day! 🙂


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