There is progress being made. Honest. The story so far: I thought I’d order a proof copy of The Maker’s Mask before I got into the whole trying to buy an ISBN thing. The proof copy arrived. I took one look at it and snatched it back from my husband saying ‘You can’t read this […]

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A question and a statement

Firstly: dear WordPress, why make it so hard to find a login page when I accidentally log myself out? Leaving a comment on my own blog doesn’t work, and just leads to the Orwellian situation where the comment gets screened until I verify that I’m not a spammer and unscreen it. Secondly: dear people who […]

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Look at us, we’re cover plus

I’ve bitten the bullet, bought image rights from, and been playing around with cover images. This one is for The Maker’s Mask, from a photograph by Peter Zelei and a piece of concept art from loops7: And this one is for The Hawkwood War, from a painting by Yaroslav Gerzhedovich and the same art […]

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