Days of future multiplied

I have made the executive decision that since I already had a vaguely planned-out future history for how we get from here to Requite (yes, it is all in my head, I contain multitudes) it could just as well do for the time-travel thing (provisionally entitled ‘Anna Chronistic and the Scarab of Destiny’) which I am writing at present as well. Though it does have frankly terrifying crossover possibilities, particularly since not only is Tzenni Boccamera fully capable of back-engineering a time machine, so is Lady Essex Hawkwood who has far fewer compunctions about what to do with it.

7 thoughts on “Days of future multiplied

  1. DEFINITELY don’t want Lady Essex getting hold of it! (Tzenni might experimentally send bits of grue back “just to see what happens” — Essex would be leading a column of pillagers.)

    I know that “Firebrand” is set in a different worldbuild/ruleset, but humanity might have lost a colony somewhere along the way, which developed in an airships-and-warplings-and-comedy-of-manners sense . . .

    . . . I just want more Firebrand-verse, and the idea of crossovers (what WOULD Coranzan society make of the Hawkwoods??!?) tickles me 😉


      I keep saying that one of these days I’ll write a book called ‘Warpling’ about the adventures of a weaponised exclamation mark. Never say never…

      1. *grins* Well, since Jim Butcher’s entire Codex Alera series was the result of a bet involving a challenge to combine the concepts of “a lost Roman legion” and “Pokemon,” I find the idea compelling. I know you could do something amusing and engaging with it!

          1. You can see the Roman bone structure in certain aspects of the society, and in the names of many of the characters, but it’s pretty far from what I generally think of as Roman fantasy (more like, “what happens when you graft Roman human social structure onto a fantasy world with very different rules from Earth?”)

            I really enjoyed the series — and I’m not just saying that because I was one of the original beta-readers for what eventually became the first Codex Alera book 😉

            (I’ve dropped out of touch with Jim in recent years, mostly because I went through some rough years where I lost contact with a LOT of friends after I had to quit working, and by the time I tried to get back in touch, he was well-known enough not to be posting a personal e-mail address on his website anymore, and his contacts with me had been through employer e-mails that I didn’t have access to anymore.)

            Still thrills me to bits to see him get endcaps and name recognition — he’s a really sweet, kind, funny guy, and it makes me happy to see a friend who was an unpublished author when I met him on a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan e-mail list (yes, really) turn out to be a major success ^___^

    1. I seriously doubt there will ever be official crossovers because it drives me loopy when I like a writer’s style but am bored with one series of books, try another series of theirs that I think is set in another universe and it turns out they’re all interconnected. But it’s there for fan writers to play with if they ever want to.

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