Heavy Ice has a launch date!


Heavy Ice is coming on December 1st.

In 650 S.F the world changed. For Raj Cordoval: for Prince Vane-Egypt Considine, recently made Considine Prime: for the man calling himself Zak Liang, whose name wasn’t Zak or Liang either: but most of all for Kallisty Hawkwood, who very nearly didn’t survive long enough to notice.

For six hundred and fifty years, the lost colony of Requite has had no contact with the wider universe. Now, a wanted criminal makes a forced landing on Requite – and is taken prisoner by a foul-mouthed, xenoraptor-riding bandit with problems of her own. Their journey takes them through living Spires and dead ones as they try to find a way to stay alive long enough to save the planet.

Heavy Ice will be available in paperback, .epub and .mobi formats from Amazon, Lulu and other online sellers.

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