Much ado about RSS

I’ve been trying to set up a syndicated feed on LiveJournal for people who prefer to read posts there, but unfortunately I accidentally set up the first attempt, at requitefeed, to pick up the comments RSS. I think I’ve got the actual blog syndicated at requiteblog, but please let me know if it’s not working. […]

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It’s twins!

Decision made! The Digital Doorstop is going to be two books. Unexpected benefit: I can now say I’ve written two novels! Unexpected downside: I have to do two covers and two cover blurbs. Coming soon, an excerpt from the first book.

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Books, mine and others

I write historical novels set in time periods that haven’t happened yet, featuring courtesans, programmers, revolutionaries, genderqueer bodyguards, technological tinkerers, assassins and eels. My books are more heirs to the old-fashioned planetary romance than they are to either hard SF (because if I had the brains to design a spacedrive I’d be doing that rather […]

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