Son of I Get Searches

do you like palatino Yes, I do like Palatino! I very nearly used it for my books. I can’t remember why I didn’t, in the end: I think it was because it looks weird when used for extended sections in italic. what country do school books come from? Well, the only one I have to […]

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I Get Searches, II

More Google searches that have caused people to find this blog: edward ii Were you looking for this band? Because they are awesome. I am not a reggae folk fusion band myself, though. Sorry. teacher big bust fiction I see how this happened. One of the earlier posts somehow turned into a discussion of games […]

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I Get Searches

Shoutout to the person who got here searching on ‘worldbuilding is hard’. You’re right, it really is! Fist bump to the person who got here searching on ‘what will karely be when she grows up’. Happy, I hope. Cheery wave to the person who got here searching on ‘latinus wink’. I have no idea what […]

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